Компания LAN NET Solutions LLC выиграла OptiFiber Pro в рамках бонусной программы LinkWare Live

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Клиент: LAN NET Solutions, LLC

Industry: Telecommunications

Location: Texas


Информация о компании:

Техасская компания LAN NET Solutions стала победителем в рамках бонусной программы Fluke Networks LinkWare Live. Как гласит пословица, в Техасе все большое, и компания LAN NET Solutions получила действительно большой приз — OptiFiber Pro.

LAN NET Solutions, LLC provides structured cabling installation solutions to support existing and emerging technologies for voice and data applications. The company, which was founded in 2013, is proud to offer its business and residential customers in Texas and the southwest high quality, honest answers to all of their cabling needs.

Сложные проблемы

Jim Bringolf, President of LAN NET Solutions, finds that using LinkWare Live helps the company save time in several ways. One of capabilities the company appreciates is being able to create tests in advance, making the certification process much quicker once they are on-site. Uploading test results from job sites is also faster and easier with LinkWare Live

“In the past, our technicians might be away from the office while they completed two or three different jobs,” said Jim. “Now they upload the test results from each project site and send them straight to the office.”

Jim Bringolf, President of LAN NET Solutions


LinkWare Live cuts costs and prevents errors by letting project managers check on testing progress, without being physically present. “That was one things we were really excited about when we were working on a big project recently,” said Scott Hooks VP and Owner. “We had a total of 8000 tests for this particular job, and we were able to set up and name all of the tests ahead of time. Then, while testing was underway, we could check to see what percentage was done while we were sitting in the office.”


LinkWare Live was introduced by Fluke Networks late in 2014. It’s a cloud-based service that works with Fluke Networks Versiv testers, including DSX-5000, OptiFiber Pro and CertiFiber Pro certification testers. The LinkWare Live platform allows users to upload, manage and analyze complex certification test results from anywhere. To date, more than one million test results have been uploaded to the LinkWare Live platform by Fluke Networks customers.