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Тестирование Profinet: Oсновы

We all know by now that Ethernet has infiltrated the factory floor as the communication protocol of choice for exchanging data between devices and controllers, with applications like Modbus, EtherCat, EtherNet/IP and Profinet that are all based on Ethernet. The two leading applications—EtherNet/IP and Profinet together account for about 60% of the market, as both excel in supporting deterministic communication for real-time data and control.

24 марта 2021 г.

Обновление стандартов, февраль 2021

I bet you are all wondering what installed fiber optic testing standards are in process for this year. Here is a short list by committees for those of you that want to keep up to date.

10 марта 2021 г.

Что такое оптоволоконный разъем Expanded Beam?

In the premises and data center infrastructure world, most of us are familiar with typical fiber connectors like duplex LC, SC and ST connectors and multi-fiber MPOs. Perhaps you’ve also heard about expanded beam fiber connectors or have encountered a scenario that requires them.

In case you aren’t familiar with these connectors, their applications and testing considerations, we thought we’d help you “expand” your knowledge.

9 февраля 2021 г.

Сертификационное тестирование оптоволоконных кабелей: Все, что вам действительно нужно — это потеря, длина (а иногда и отражение)

As data speeds increase and new fiber applications emerge, there has been some confusion surrounding fiber testing parameters and whether insertion loss testing is enough to guarantee support for high-speed applications.

Other than new short-reach singlemode applications that are more susceptible to reflections and therefore take connector reflectance into consideration, insertion loss testing, length and polarity are really all you need for Tier 1 certification testing.

19 января 2021 г.

Рекомендации по использованию гибридного медно-волоконного кабеля

In a previous blog, we covered what to do when you need to connect a device that is located beyond the 100-meter distance requirement and described four ways to address the problem—a new TR, the use of an extender device, extended-reach copper cable and fiber.

12 января 2021 г.

Размышления в конце года

When Winston Churchill said that the holiday season is not only one of rejoicing but also of reflection, he didn’t know that 2020 would be the year that family gatherings are kept to a minimum and parties take place over Zoom and FaceTime.

28 декабря 2020 г.

Безопасна ли технология Power over Ethernet?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) has been around now for several years, starting with Type 1 PoE (IEEE 802.3af) introduced in 2003 that delivers up to 15,4 W, with 13 W available for the device. That was followed by Type 2 PoE (sometimes referred to as PoE Plus) that delivers up to 30 W, with 25,5 W available for the device.

16 декабря 2020 г.

10 ноября 2020 г.