Trade Up to the Future of Certification and get up to $3 250 cash back. |


The DTX2VERSIV Offer has Ended!
DTX units and rebate forms must be shipped to Fluke Networks within 30 days of Versiv purchase.

Trade Up to the Future of Certification and get up to $3,000* cash back. Purchase Gold and add up to $3,995 of free products.

You can’t be productive with tools from the past. That’s why, after fourteen years, service and calibration for the DTX Series will end in June 2018. Join the thousands of contractors moving to the future with Versiv. Versiv delivers a 2/3 reduction in certification costs and 10% more to your bottom line. Upgrade to Versiv with a present from Fluke Networks - up to $4,000 in rebates for your old DTX. Add Gold to your purchase and we’ll reward you with free products to make your team even more efficient.

* Up to $4,000 for Gold Owners

  Cash Rebate Amount Add Gold Support to your Versiv Order and Get
Versiv Model Purchased DTX Gold Owner* DTX Non-Gold Owner
DSX2-8000                DSX-8000
DSX2-5000                DSX-5000
CFP2-100-Q              CFP-100-Q
CFP2-100-Qi   OR     CFP-100-Qi
OFP2-100-Q              OFP-100-Q
OFP2-100-Qi             OFP-100-Qi
$1,650 $1,250 Copper Kit1

DSX2-8000Qi            DSX-8000Qi
DSX2-5000Qi    OR   DSX-5000Qi
OFP2-CFP-Qi            OFP-CFP-Qi

$3,150 $2,000 Fiber Kit2 plus Copper Kit
DSX2-8000QOi   OR  DSX-8000QOi
DSX2-8000PRO         DSX-8000PRO
$4,000 $3,000 FI-7000 FiberInspector Pro3

*active at time of purchase

1includes IS 60 ProTool™ Kit, and IntelliTone™ kit ($425 US approximate retail value)
2includes Enhanced Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit, four ea. SC-SC Multimode and four ea. SC-SC Singlemode Test Reference Cords ($854 US approximate   retail value)
3$3,995 US approximate retail value

Government customers unable to return their testers or benefit from rebates should contact or call 1-800-283-5853 to learn about our upfront discount programs.

Program Requirements

  • Only DTX models are eligible for trade-in
  • Only one of each DTX may be traded in per Versiv unit purchased
  • Purchases must be made by June 29, 2018.
  • Trade-In DTX units and rebate forms must be shipped to Fluke Networks within 30 days of Versiv purchase
  • Customers must have an active DTX Gold contract at time of purchase in order to qualify for “Gold Owner” rebates
  • Gold for traded-in DTX (if any) will be “rolled up” to new purchases
  • Cannot be combined with any other promotion

To get your rebate

Step 1: Purchase an eligible Versiv model(s)
Step 2: Print out the rebate claim form available at, complete it and ship it with your eligible trade-in unit(s) and a copy of your purchase invoice(s) within 30 days of purchase.
Step 3: Fluke Networks Gold Support team “rolls up” the value of the remaining Gold from your trade-in unit (if any) to the new Versiv and sends you a rebate check as shown above. Customers who purchased Gold with their Versiv unit will be shipped the products as noted above. Please allow 8-10 weeks for processing.



Not sure what Versiv product is right for you? Let the Versiv Kit Configurator help find the best fit for your needs. Contact your local Fluke Networks Distribution Sales Representative or Authorized Distributor with questions, or call 1-800-283-5853.

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